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Class List

English Division: 

* Hunter Hack is 2 small x rail course 
* Over fence􀋌s is 5 x rail course 

1-Senior Pleasure

2-Senior Command

3-Youth Pleasure

4-Youth Command

5-Junior Pleasure

6-Junior Command

7-Senior Hunter Hack

8-Youth Hunter Hack

9-Junior Hunter Hack

10-Senior Over Fences

11-Youth Over Fences
12-Junior Over Fences

Junior Leadline & Open Walk/Trot Divisions 

* Can be ridden English or Western 
* Over Poles will be a simple ground pole course

13-Junior Leadline Flat 

14-Junior Leadline Over Poles 

15-Open Walk/Trot Flat

16-Open Walk/Trot Over Poles

17-Junior Leadline Barrels

18-Junior Leadline Dash

19-Open Walk/Trot Barrels

20-Open Walk/Trot Dash 4 Cash

Western Pleasure Division 
       Open Junior Horse Division 

        * For Horses Aged 5 & under

21-Senior Halter

22-Youth Halter

23-Junior Halter

24-Junior Horse Halter*

25-Senior Showmanship

26-Youth Showmanship

27-Junior Showmanship

28-Junior Horse Showmanship*

29-Senior Western Pleasure

30-Youth Western Pleasure

31-Junior Western Pleasure

32-Junior Horse Western Pleasure*
33-Senior Horsemanship
34-Youth Horsemanship
35-Junior Horsemanship
36-Junior Horse Horsemanship*

Speed Division

37-Senior Barrels

38-Youth Barrels

39-Junior Barrels

40-Senior Poles

41-Youth Poles

42-Junior Poles

43-Senior Keyhole

44-Youth Keyhole

45-Junior Keyhole

46-Senior Dash 4 Cash

47-Youth Dash 4 Cash

48-Junior Dash 4 Cash


Rider Divisions 

- Junior: 12 years of age and under

- Youth: 13 - 18 years of age

- Senior: 19 years of age and older

Age as of January 1st of the current show season.


Open English Hunter Hack consists of two small X jumps set between 60ft and 72ft apart. 

Open English Over Fences consists of 4-6 jumps with a max height of 2ft. 


The Silver Spur Saddle Club has a Platinum Spur subdivision for participants over the age of 50. The Platinum Spur subdivision is run within the Senior Rider division. A separate overall High Point and High Point Reserve prizes are awarded.  


The class fee is $8.00 each or $20 for the whole division (saving $12). An Office Fee of $5.00 and a Day Fee of $20 are applied to each participant at each show. 

Games classes will not begin before 12:00pm.


IMPORTANT: Riders participating in walk/jog/trot classes are only able to compete at a walk, jog, or trot. Participants are NOT allowed to compete at a lope or canter. A rider may advance to a class requiring a lope or canter throughout the season, but is not be allowed to return to walk/jog/trot classes from thereon out. If there are any questions or concerns regarding this by-law, please contact the Silver Spur Saddle Club Executive ( 

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